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A Joint Clinic to Treat Nasal Septum Deviation

Hamad Medical Corporation launched a new service through the joint clinic for nasal treatment to treat nasal defects, nasal septum deviation, and other related problems.

Dr. Saed Kaldari, aesthetic ( Plastic) and reconstructive surgery consultant, announced the launching of the new service during a press conference held jointly with Dr. Abed Al Aziz Al Jufeiri, ENT consultant at the Corporation.

Rhinoplasty specialists and ENT have their efforts combined to provide the patient with a comprehensive treatment.

Dr. Jufeiri and Dr. Kaldari have treated around 150 cases together, showing spectacular results. Dr. Kaldari said that a patient that suffered from nasal septum deviation and nasal fracture due to an accident used to visit an ENT specialist followed by a rhinoplasty specialist to undergo another surgery. However, thanks to the new mechanism, both doctors work together in one session to provide the patient with the desired outcome.

Dr. Jufeiri said that more than 50% of the Qatari population has nasal deviation for several reasons, confirming that experience showed that the importance of the new technique revolved around the fact that complementary specialties gave better results. In fact, traditional surgeries would have given more effective results if completed with plastic surgeries and vice-versa.

 Source: Health Magazine(52)March-May, 2008, P.11.

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