Body Contouring

Everyone loves to to have a fine body. A body that accentuates the person, builds confidence and gives the person a sense of well being, has long been coveted for. Body contouring is a new technique in cosmetic surgery where the body is sculpted to perfection.

Ultracontour is a non invasive method that is becoming more and more popular by the day. In this process ultrasound is put to good use to reshape the human body. The innovative new therapeutic applications help Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologists and Aesthetic Physicians to successfully treat areas of localized lipodystrophy. The high power acoustic waves are precisely localized and controlled in amplitude. It guarantees an improved degree of reliability and safety.

The clinic offers some unique procedures in body contouring. Body sculpting using laser lipolysis(Smart Lipo) is done under local anesthesia to sculpt and tighten the skin. Ultrasonic Lipolysis is the method employed for slimming and cellulite removal(Ultracontour). The scientifically proven results and the added attraction of No pain and No anesthesia make it one of the most sought after procedures at the clinic.


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