Aesthetic Fillers

General Plastic and Reconstructive Fillers help to give the face or body the desired curves and also make you look younger. The reconstructive fillers are used to sculpt and give fine look for lips, breasts and hips. Plastic surgery can fix any bump or dent in the nose, redefine a slack jaw line, smoothen out wrinkles and crows feet. Fillers can also lift sagging brows, and improve the lines in the neck and mouth.

Lips can be beautifully sculpted with fillers, can be made to look fuller and also enhance the lip border. The whole procedure doesn’t need long periods in the hospital and is absolutely safe. Different kinds of fillers are available like injectibles, Botox, Collagen Restylane etc. Each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. The results last longer in some while in others, you need frequent follow-ups.


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